Re: Odd color in isophotes and stars

Tom Kunsitis Nov 20, 2015



It works fine on my computer.  I am running Guide 9.0 (27 July 2015 version) under Windows 10.  When I click wider or narrower, the lines change in thickness for the five styles available.  I then click one of the styles and I get a line of the thickness and style that I chose.  You must click a style for the thickness to change even if it is the same style already being displayed.






Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA




> May I ask you a question in this context ?


> Are you able to change the STYLE of your lines (Ecliptic, Horizon, etc

> and Overlays).


> I do not mean the "COLOR" button, but the "STYLES" button / small

> window. Within the styles window, you have two options: you can change

> the FORM of the lines ("straight through" or "dotted") and the

> THICKNESS of the lines. While I am still able to change the FORM of the

> line (e.g. dotted), I do not seem to be able to change the THICKNESS

> anymore.


> I mean, I can ask Guide to change it and the window shows the thicker /

> thinner line, but nothing happens, resp. the changes are not saved.


> I am quite sure that this worked in former versions of Guide, as I had

> set the horizon line to a rather thick line and now I can't revert

> back. (A workaround is to load "factory settings" and then put

> indivually back all the tweaks you had made to your personal map, ...

> but this is a bit annoying).


> I just wanted to know whether this possibility has been removed

> (perhaps with the recent "overlay update"), or whether I have a

> corruption somewhere in my Gudie folder.


> Regards


> Rudi