URAT1 problems

gstecher Nov 16, 2015

I'm having problems getting the URAT1 catalog stars to display.

The data is in F:\URAT1\v12

I've tried adding


to the guide.dat file.  (I've also tried adding URAT1_PATH=F:\URAT1 . . . neither one works)

I have the following URAT1 settings, under "Extras/Toggle user data sets.../URAT1"

     "on" is checked
     "Label" is checked
     Show at 0 - 1.5
 I am looking in the northern hemisphere where there should be URAT1 data and I've zoomed in to small fields where it should be displayed.
 I have a file labeled urat1.tdf in my Guide folder.  It 1543 bytes.
 I also have a file labeled urat1.txt but it is empty.  (Is this the problem?)
 I have similar settings with UCAC4, it is also on the F: drive, and it displays just fine.
 Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?