Re: [guide-user] RE: How to see the object WT1190F guide 9?

Bill Gray Nov 11, 2015

Hi Grant,

> Never mind – I have it. You have to use GOTO….Asteroid, then
> enter WT1190F, for some reason.

That's a bit odd. You're right, though; I'd not noticed it,
because I'd used Go To... Object Name, and entered WT1190F. Both
work. Go To... Satellite does not.

To get it to show up, you have to go to Data Shown, and either
turn satellites "on" or set a magnitude limit such that WT1190F shows
up. (It's at about mag 20 right now.)

Also, be warned: the elements in 'probes.dat' (or 'probes.txt')
run from 1 November up to slightly after impact (13 November 06:19).
They'll be quite good for observing from now until then. They are
probably not so great for early November, other than to give a ballpark
idea of what WT1190F was doing back then.

Grant, that bit with HTML tags being added in when you saved
'probes.dat' is _really_ bizarre, and represents a new low for
Internet Exploder (I'm pretty sure that was the offending browser).
One can get around that (possibly entirely intentional) defect in
the browser by getting this file :

and extracting 'probes.dat' from it.

No matter how you get it, whether by just downloading 'probes.dat'
or by getting 'probes.txt' and renaming it, or by extracting it from
'', the file 'probes.dat' should contain exactly 21058 bytes.

-- Bill