Re: [guide-user] Right-clicking doesn't work

Bill Gray Nov 10, 2015

Hi Jari,

Um. That's odd...

I will take a guess that there is some dataset that is
misbehaving. Guide is taking either forever, or at least
long enough to be effectively forever, to search that
dataset. For some reason, it's able to draw it in a
reasonable amount of time, but it can't do its right-click
search in a reasonable amount of time.

I'd suggest saving a mark file, then going into 'Data
Shown' and turning everything off. Then go into 'Extras...
User-Added Datasets' and turn everything off. (This is
probably the culprit. Everybody has the same 'Data Shown'
possibilities, but not everybody has the same 'User-Added

If at this point, you can right-click and it works, you
can start turning things back on and can find the troublemaker.
Then load the mark file back up, and turn off just that dataset.
Then let me know which one was causing the problem.

-- Bill