Re: Best OS to run GUIDE 8

stonedoffmyass Oct 28 2:38 PM

Thats a lot of input group!

Many responses . all appreciated.

Im getting a new CD/DVD ROM as that is part of issue . Seems picky where other machines will run the scuffed CD fine?

The only online use I have used the "GUIDE only" laptop is Minor Planet Center ,because the  button in GUIDE 8 to update automatically just locks up and beeps away.

So I am forced to go to MPC and get the soft02.cmt file and dump into the GUIDE cache and click it , usually the new comets can be seen.

Also the MPC Comet data seem to conflict with this data at
"Weekly Info about bright Comets"

If I can find those Comets in GUIDE they usually show way dimmer that "Weekly info site"

A case of "Brightness to change without notice?"

Going to need a good used laptop now

Apparently Windows 7 is ok...
May look for a laptop loaded with Pro version.