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Christian Ambros Oct 27 2:51 PM

I'm running Guide from Version 6 on to now 9 on Linux very successfully.It's directory now counts nearly 30gb now, filled up with UCAC4 and URAT1 waiting for USNOB2.0 to get a copy...
I tried this configuration on an XP machine but it hardly can compete with speed and running stability.

Charon is operational via wine, too, but (run locally) does a better job and I wish it could be included once.
For Lnux, there are other programs on the market like kstars or carte du ciel which can't compete with Guide9 in accuracies about stars and galaxies and the completeness of available catalogs. So Guide remains my first choice for over 20 years now, and it's 20 years now that I run it on Linux, too.

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I still use XP Pro exclusively for the observatory computers; ONE computer is running W-7 Pro and does fine with Guide.
All total I have 14 computer using Guide, and since they see limited exposure to the internet (and none of the "social media" C__P), I have never had a problem one since support ended.
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What are you GUIDE 8 users using for software besides XP?

The operating system is so insecure cannot run any browser to do the critical updates.

Ongoing issue with the IBM Thinkpad(s)