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Kevin Fetter Oct 26 5:59 AM

How to use UCAC 4 in guide

2012 August 3) UCAC-4 display: The UCAC-4 catalog has now been released, on a double-sided DVD; click here for details. You can, with a little effort, persuade Guide to use this data instead of the default UCAC-3. The process is very similar to that used to get UCAC-3 display in Guide 8. Copy all files from both sides of the UCAC-4 DVD to your hard drive. (This will consume about 8.8 GBytes.) You can copy the data just about anywhere; as an example, let's assume you used the path c:\ucac4. You would then start up Guide and hit Alt-J. Guide will prompt you for a "test flag". You would enter


(modifying the path to the files to match what you actually used). Note that UCAC4_PATH must be in capitals, and don't add spaces around the equals sign!

After you've done this, Guide will switch to use of UCAC4. Note that this is displayed as a "user-added dataset", and UCAC4 will (by default) only appear when you zoom in to fields of under a degree. You can adjust that limit, and toggle UCAC4 on/off, with Extras... Toggle User-Added Datasets. Look for UCAC4, and double-click on it. (I recommend doing this if UCAC4 fails to appear; check to make sure it's turned on, and that the "shown at" fields of view include your current field of view.)

Note also that it's possible to show UCAC4 running off the files on the DVD. Suppose your DVD drive is d:. You would put the DVD in the drive, hit Alt-J, and type UCAC4_PATH=d:. This will be somewhat slower than running from hard drive, though, and you'll only get half the sky at any given time (with the other half on the flip side of the DVD.)
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Subject: [guide-user] Star list question
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I'm stuck on changing the data shown in the "create
star list' in

the tables menu.

I've got a field with UCAC4 numbers shown.

The create star list generates a list from GSC02.3. I
can't figure

out how to change source data for the star list.