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Joaquin Tapioles Oct 9 5:59 AM

I've ruled that update the problems that gave me so it updated with the latest update stable I had saved in my pc case ..
Yo esa actualizacion la he descartado por los problemas que me daba por lo que lo actualizaba con la ultima actualizacion estable que tenia guardada en mi pc por si acaso..
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Subject: [guide-user] Comet/asteroid download problem


I'm having problems with the "Add MPC comets/asteroids..." button from "Asteroids/Comets Options . . ." under the Extras menu in the newest Guide 9 testing update (2015 July 27).  I get a GUIDE Help dialog (which is normal), but then when I click on "Click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide" it tries to download the information, and then gives me a window titled "Download" which states "A connection with the server could no be established."  It also gives me a series of blank windows titled "Download".  I then can't do anything in Guide, and, even after I close Guide, the blank "Download" windows keep appearing.  I'm running Windows 8.1.  I can get rid of the dowload windows if I go to Task Manager and kill "Tear 2 MFC Application (32 bit) (2)"

I tried making a fresh install of Guide from the Guide 9 DVD and the download feature worked fine.  I then installed the update--I even downloaded it again in case my copy was corrupted--and I had the same problem.

Any help is appreciated.


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