Re: [guide-user] How you can put notes in our observations guide 9?

Christian Ambros Oct 5 4:27 AM


if you right-click an object an go to more info, you can find an edit-menu entry. If you click that you'll get a text edit version of the show information page. Edit it and than save it to what ever you want.

Ok this maybe is not exactly what you want. If you are looking for a special observation tracking and comment section guide is a little low on that, because in the first place it's still a star map program with a lot of features, indeed. 

The user object menu won't help you because it's just for adding user objects but not for keeping track of one's observations.

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How you can put notes in our observations guide 9?
Bone're seeing M15 and want to get information to then go out of information that gives me shade guide 9 M15.
I have looked guide 9 that and do not see where these information are tucked Comments Steve Coe's observations:
Can someone help me out.