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P. Clay Sherrod Sep 10, 2015

You really are better off just removing UCAC-3 from your computer and staying with UCAC-4; there were many positional and photometric errors on the former catalog.
If you want something that provides FAINT stars (i.e., down to mag. 19 or so) for reference work or field I.D., you might want to install the old A-2 catalog.  We toggle between UCAC-4 and A-2 frequently, but never use A-2 or UCAC-3 for measurement purposes.
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Subject: [guide-user] Using UCAC3, UCAC3_PATH not working....

I'm relatively new to Guide...

I have both UCAC3 and UCAC4, but some other software I have likes to reference UCAC3 stars, so I want to be able to toggle between which I'm using.

I've done the Alt-J thing and entered the paths to each of the catalogs and they show up in guide.dat as

UCAC3_PATH=C:\Astronomy Catalogs\ucac3

UCAC4_PATH=C:\Astronomy Catalogs\ucac4

After doing this, UCAC4 shows up as an option in "toggle user datasets" but UCAC3 only shows the Vizier download option. Stars show up with UCAC4 designations when UCAC4 is on, but if I turn if off, I fall back to just Tycho and GSC.

Is there some other magic switch I need to toggle? I'm using the 27 July 2015 version of Guide 9.0