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BHudgens Aug 8, 2015

In a crowded field, I have found that right click on the symbol works.  Example  dif neb.  click on the line that make the 'box'   or for open clusters  click on the 'dashed' circle .  This works 'most' of the time.  The more crowded or dense the field, the more difficult to hit the right spot.   Some times, temp reduce the number of stars will help.
Ben Hudgens

On 8/8/2015 11:34 AM, 'jmize' jmize@... [guide-user] wrote:

In Guide8 to display an Object's info Right clicking at the immediate left bottom of the first character in the Object name will provide Object info.

In Guide8 updated to Guide9, not installed Guide9, how does one obtain the Object Data?  All I can get is star, Isophote, and CCD Frame data.

Case in point, object LBN 331, or GN 20 167 never shows Object data, however M43 does display Object data,,, yet nearby M42 doesn't.  It doesn't seem to matter what Level of Display I use.  Am I missing doing something when running Guide9?  Thkx…joe  :)

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