Re: [guide-user] Update posted

chasseurdesgalaxies Aug 8, 2015

Hi Grant and Bill,

Yes you are right - I just re-tested !

Sorry for the confusion - I wanted to talk about a installation problem, I had in my mind, not about moving the folder !

On WIN 7, and with the new setup32.file, Guide8 first did not install, where I wanted it to go [typing in manually C:\Program Files(x86)\guide8\], but then installed when I treid it without the x86 (and the brackets), ... but in the other Progam Files[x64] folder.

On WIN 98, I could not change the INSTALL location (to Program Files) from the outset. But when using CoA2, this small program did NOT (as I wrongly assumed) change any registry entries, but only the shortcuts created ! When I moved the folder manually (in WIN 98 after installation into the root file), the (unmodified) shortcuts did even find the moved Guide folder (without using CoA) .

So you are entirely right. Sorry for the confusion !

(Should have done the testing before - I was speaking from same vague memories from the past.)