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Blair, Grant Aug 6, 2015

Sorry, Rudi, but my experience with installation directories (and the registry) differs.


Guide 9, for example, does not appear to require any registry entries. I can copy my entire GUIDE tree (from the folder containing Guide.exe on down) to anywhere on my system and it works as expected. Indeed, installation into the root level directory is stringly discouraged on some operating systems, especially those where the user does not have local administrator rights.


On my current system, for example, it resides in d:\AstroData\guide9 and runs just fine from there.



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I have Guide 8/9 running on WIN 98SE, on an old MACbook Pro (via WINE) and on WIN 7.
Just to confirm what Bill said, I think it is good to remember that Guide (whatever version, I have Guide since version 6) ALWAYS requires to be installed in the C:\ root directory).

If you transfer Guide to another place, for instance to C:\Program Files(x86)\Guide9\guide9.exe, there is a very nice and rather old program (dating from the WIN 98 times), which is very easy to use and transfers all the references in the Registry to the new place. (Also works on WIN 7(64 bits), but only when the extracted CoA 2 folder is copied over from WIN 98SE, NOT when directly trying to install directly (!!) on WIN 7.
It is called CoA 2 (change of address) and once was freeware distributed by PC Magazine; but it is not free anymore; see:,2817,21065,00.asp

However you can still find the freeware version on an Italian site:

Good luck !



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Hi Clay, Joaquin,

On 08/02/2015 03:19 PM, 'P. Clay Sherrod' drclay@... [guide-user] wrote:
> So we had a reported "bug" that resulted in the program crash when installed.

Actually, it's a little weirder than that. The error is that "Windows
does not have access to the device, specified path or destination",
c:\guide9\guide9.exe. It doesn't say _why_ you don't have access. Perhaps
the file doesn't exist. Or perhaps it is accessible only by an administrator
account, not a user account. Or maybe the file _does_ exist, but in
some other folder.

So in this case, I would investigate:

Does the file 'guide9.exe' actually exist in the c:\guide9 folder? (If
not, search the hard drive to see if Guide is actually installed in some
other folder.)

Can you run Guide if you are an administrator?

-- Bill