Re: [guide-user] Planetary Conjunctions

Bill Gray Jul 28, 2015

Hi Luc,

You don't have anything misconfigured. But I need to figure out a way to
"reconfigure" Guide, so that it can know if the dates in a table are Julian,
Gregorian, or Julian before 1582 October 5 and Gregorian after that. It
really shouldn't be handled within the Time Format dialog; you should be able
to click on a date/time in any table, and have Guide figure out what "real"
moment that corresponds to, and then have that moment displayed to you in
the calendar you picked in the Time Format dialog. But exactly how that is
done... I'll have to look at the code and think about that.

Yesterday, I revised Guide to accept orbital elements from Find_Orb (of
all sorts, including the alternative format and different precisions) and
did some work on the bug Christian found with overlays. I think I've got
that last worked out, but now I have to do some testing to give me some
level of confidence that I haven't introduced a new bug in the process of
fixing an old one.

-- Bill

On 07/28/2015 05:17 AM, 'Luc Desamore' luc_desamore@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hi Arturo, Bill and All,
> I am playing with Arturo files and had a look on the table "DE406 Mutual Planetary Occ'ns"
> The first event of the table is Mars/Uranus on BC 2967 (or - 2966) Jan 9 11:42 TD (Julian Date) which is quite correct.
> But when I click on the date, Guide 9 (version 13 may 2015) goes to -2967 Dec 16 11:42 TD ie 24 days earlier.
> Obviously it has something to do with gregorian vs julian calendar.
> I tried to change the time format between <gregorian/julian> and <gregorian> or <julian> but nothing works.
> Did I misconfigured something ?
> Luc