[guide-user] Planetary Conjunctions

Luc Desamore Jul 28, 2015

Hi Arturo, Bill and All,
I am playing with Arturo files and had a look on the table "DE406 Mutual Planetary Occ'ns" 
The first event of the table is Mars/Uranus on BC 2967 (or - 2966)  Jan 9 11:42 TD (Julian Date) which is quite correct.
But when I click on the date, Guide 9 (version 13 may 2015)  goes to -2967 Dec 16 11:42 TD ie 24 days earlier.
Obviously it has something to do with gregorian vs julian calendar.
I tried to change the time format between <gregorian/julian> and <gregorian> or <julian> but nothing works.
Did I misconfigured something ?