Re: [guide-user] Planetary Conjunctions

Arturo R Montesinos Jul 26, 2015

A long, long time ago, literally last century, I used to have a little
web site with just that kind of info, and it included downloadable Guide
ETB files.

At one point, apparently back in 2007, I made a half-hearted attempt to
convert the defunct site to Google Pages (now Google Sites). I think I
was using it as an excuse to try out Google Pages more than anything else.

You can find a list of planetary conjunctions for the 21st Century here:

I managed to find the original web site files and I've uploaded the .zip
file containing all the ETB files to MediaFire.

I'll add finishing that Google Sites web to my “To Do” list :)

El 26/07/15 a las 16:03, BHudgens spacerockguy@... [guide-user]
> Am longtime user of Guide I thought at one time there were
> tables/listing within Guide that showed conjunctions of the major
> planets. I know I can click on two planets and then use the conjunction
> menu to move forward/back in time to show that for the planets selected.
> Is there an extra file or table that can be d/l from Guide or any other
> source that will list what I am looking for. Especially for the past
> several thousand years.
> thanks,
> Ben Hudgens