Re: [guide-user] As of 2015 January 6, Guide 9.0 is discontinued

Mati Jul 7, 2015

Hi All,
As a user of GUIDE for more than 15 years I have created my own
library of datasets, 13 in all,
from 2004 to 2015.. Each dataset has its own TDF, written or re-written
by me, and I now make
them available in one ZIP file of 710kb. They are targeted at particular
sky regions, as follows:
1) Orion Nebula (M42). The Andrews catalogue of 16398 stars, BV mags,
9-16V. A separate file
lists the Parenago (1954) catalogue of 2982 stars for the crowded
central region.
2) Magellanic Clouds. Lists of clusters and nebulae. The same lists
were posted on the Project
Pluto website in Jan. 2005, but have now been revised.
Lucke-Hodge OB associations. 5060 member stars in 95 associations
are listed, with BV mags
and J2000 positions. Range 9-15V.
3) Herbst Reflection Neb. Stars. 203 stars in southern Milky Way.
4) Suspected O-B5 stars in Centaurus. 448 stars listed in one field by
McGruder (1975).
5) South Galactic Pole. 6125 stars, 9-17V around the SGP, from the
catalogue by Murray et al
(1986). BV mags and J2000 positions.

Many Readme files are included. Everything is combined into one
file: DATA_LIB1.ZIP, and
is available FREE from the writer. All datasets and TDFs function
perfectly on GUIDE8/9. The
ZIP file will be sent upon request.
As there are 31 separate files, when unpacked, I suggest that the
user first locate and study
the file called "READ_THIS.TXT", for an overview.
Mati Morel