Re: [SPAM] Re: [SPAM] [guide-user] Re: Asteroidal Occultations 2016

chasseurdesgalaxies Jun 26, 2015

Hi Joaquim,

Did you also get messages about "overlays.nam" and or "marks.nam" (or another .nam-file ?)

I had this problem also ... a few years ago. I don't know where it comes from, but I believe to remember that it was linked to the files "overlays.nam" and "marls.nam". ... And I believe to have resolved the problem in the following way, ... but as it was some time ago, I am not 100% sure. Let's try nevertheless; you can reverse the proceudre without any problem:

(1) Go to your Guide folder and search for the files "marks.nam" and "overlays.nam". These are "white" files.
(2) Do the follwing on each of them (one after the other).
(a) RIGHT-click on the file.
(b) In the menu that opens, click on "Properties".
(c) At the bottom of the window, click on "Read only" ("Lecture seule" in French; don't know how it is called in Spanish).
(d) Close (save the changes).

If this does not help (after having done it with the two files), try the other .nam files.
Another solution could be to replace these (or all the .nam files) from a saved copy of the Guide folder. Pehraps these file get corrupted sometimes ? ... But as I said, I really have no clue where it comes from!

As I said, you can revert the whole procedure without any problem, if Guide will not work correctly.