Re: [guide-user] Putting the observatory outside the solar system.?

cometmanau Jun 18, 2015

Hello all,
The way I do this is by : go to object, right click OK,
then use hotkey shift<
I do this occasionally with comets and spacecraft.
but you need to return to Earth under settings- location
hope this helps.
Michael Mattiazzo
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: [guide-user] Putting the observatory outside the solar system.?

Hello users,

The Guide can set observatory at somewhere like new dwarf planets.

For example, how to set observatory at (134340)Pluto.
Do like this.

1. Put location at center of the Sun.

2. Center the planet that you want to set observatory.

3. Right-click on it, then display MoreInfo.

4. Note 'Dist from home planet'
    (for ex.  32.8923AU)

5. Push CTRL + F5 to display offset dialogbox.

6. Enter the offset distance as 'minus Dist from home planet'.
   (for ex. enter -32.8923 )

7. Now your location is at the (134340).
    Try to look back the Sun (Push CTRL + zero )

Don't forget to reset the offset ( CTRL + F5, then enter zero )

     Masaki Kouda, Japan

On 2015/06/14 20:24, pastorgalactico@... [guide-user] wrote:

Anyone know if guide 9 can put the observatory somewhere other than our solar system.
You can only see from all the planets and their moons.
But shortage of new dwarf planets recently discovered.


Alguien sabe si en guide 9 se puede poner el observatorio en algun lugar que no sea de nuestro sistema solar.
Veo que solo se puede desde todos los planetas y sus lunas.
Pero faltan los nuevos planetas enanos recien descubiertos.