Language 'stuck', version date, toolbar order

Bill Gray May 25, 2015

My thanks for the bug reports. The language issue turned out to be a
simple one: a supposedly "unnecessary" piece of code, which I had removed,
turned out to be necessary after all. The version date is also fixed now.
I also realized that the current GRS longitude file ('grs_lon.txt') wasn't
part of the update.

Rudi, about the toolbar ordering: I see what you mean, if somebody
has reorganized 'toolbar.dat' to put the buttons in a particular order,
it would be nice if an update left them in that order. I think when I
wrote the toolbar updating function, my idea was that I wanted to read in
any new buttons, but leave existing buttons in whatever on/off state the
user had chosen. I didn't even think about the ordering issue.

I'll give it a bit more thought; there may be a reasonably straightforward
way to fix it.

Regarding the separators in 'toolbar.dat': if you avoid the use of tabs,
and use "real" spaces, and an editor with fixed-width fonts, things should
be lined up correctly. I will write up more of a description later... there
is some documentation of the format at the bottom of 'toolbar.dat' itself,

-- Bill