Re: [guide-user] Update posted: two Pluto moons, leap second

chasseurdesgalaxies May 25, 2015

Hi Joaquim et Bill,

I confirm that the language settings do not stay anymore. An easy workaround is to set the Spanish (Joaquim) or German (my case) toolbar icon as the first one in the toolbar and to click on it immediately after starting the program.

In this context I have another question (to Bill): When I imported ALL the new files, my toolbar icons (which I had SORTED in a certain way), were again completly in disorder. I then reinstalled my backup and imported the new files WITHOUT the new_tool file. This IS a solution.

But for curiosity, may I ask a question (which is perhaps not very nice), but that "haunts" me since since a very long time:

WHAT is the LOGIC behind the organision of the icons of the toolbar ? I understand your intention to "sort" the icons according to certain categories, assorted of the letters f, g, l, etc.

MY PROBLEM is that when I try to reset my PERSONAL order of the icons in toolbar.dat, it is VERY difficult to find them back (i.e. the specific one's, I like) in the toolbar.dat file. This is not only due to the very long list, but also to the fact that it seems impossible to find the logic behind. The numbers (ex. 8, 1011, 2041 or whathever) are not in a chronological order and the names for the icons not in an alphabetical order neither. What I have done, is to export the .txt file via a .csv file into an excel file in order to use the "sort" function in excel. I thus have sorted them in two ways: per number and per aplhabetical order.

Then I can sort them more easily the way I'd like to have them. But then, when I put them back into a txt (=dat) file, to be my new toolbar.dat, I have a lot of "shifts" due to the fact that I do not exactly know which separator (comma, space or whatever) is used in which palce of the original file. This in turn results in shifts in the toolTIPS (I can see only half of them, etc.) YOu see what I mean, Bill ?

May I ask YOU, how you are doing !

I wish you a nice retirement, Bill. I just did the same, it's still like vacation, ... for the moment ;-)).

Good luck