Update posted: two Pluto moons, leap second

Bill Gray May 21, 2015

Hello all,

I've posted another "in testing" update (first one in a very long time!) at


As before, this can be applied to both Guide 8 and 9. (And possibly 7, but
I've not tried anything that tricky yet and wouldn't expect absolutely everything
to work.)

The update is quite minor. It includes a few bug fixes, a new leap second
at the end of June/beginning of July of this year, and two more moons of Pluto.
It also includes (though I've not documented it yet) a way to display the new
URAT1 star catalog :


It's unclear how useful URAT1 will be. USNO apparently decided to simplify
things a bit this time: the catalog just contains raw observational data, without
the considerable effort made to make a "combined", general purpose catalog. It
covers about 220 million stars in the Northern Hemisphere. (The plan is to disassemble
the telescope and move it to Chile to observe the Southern Hemisphere and complete
the catalog.) The full catalog weighs in at about 18 GBytes :


-- Bill