Re: [guide-user] As of 2015 January 6, Guide 9.0 is discontinued

Christian Ambros May 21, 2015


will the source code be published to fix some bug like bugs of the missing file for overlay creation on one's own? Or better to write and integrate features for my own daily work?

I'm pretty sad about this discontinue, because I grew up with Guide it, too, got me into the field of astronomy as a profession  and it still is my first and only program to consult when it comes to star maps, position calculations and observation planning.
But I really can understand the decision to let go. There comes the time when other things take priority and even maintaining isn't possible anymore. These issues become more frequent with age.

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Looks like Bill is getting out of the software business?  Not unexpected based on first thoughts when I saw the move to the current ‘you can give copies for free to anyone you want’ licensing terms that came along with Guide 9.0.
I can’t speak for Bill, and hopefuly he will chime in here, but I would expect that means that there will not be a version 10.  He does say that ‘existing users are still supported’, which usually means that any problems with the current software will still be fixed as they are brought to his attention, but there will not be any additions or new features added to the software.  What you have is what you have.
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Subject: [guide-user] As of 2015 January 6, Guide 9.0 is discontinued
When this lle;
As of 2015 January 6, Guide 9.0 is discontinued
What does it mean?
Does the program will go ahead with another version?
Does the program will have updates like so far?
Does the program without new updates could move forward?
I hope someone can answer.
Yours Truly;

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