Re: [guide-user] Asteroid 2004 BL86

Bill Gray Jan 26, 2015

Hi Roger,

Updating via the critical list, or any "sublist", is very likely to
lead to trouble. In fact, it's not even an option with the currently
posted software at

I'd advise downloading that, and then getting the current 'mpcorb.dat'
from the MPC site.

I know I described the issue somewhere, but can't find it now, so here
goes: For many years, Guide tried to handle asteroid and comet updates by
downloading the smaller files MPC provides, and attempting to figure out
which objects were updates and which were new objects, and trying to account
for the fact that sometimes you got the same objects with new designations.
To say that the resulting code was bizarre would be an understatement. That
led to bugs. There may have been more inquiries about problems with adding
comets and asteroids than any other part of Guide.

Anyway. The new scheme is a heck of a lot simpler, and the bugs appear
to have all vanished. It does require, however, that you download
'mpcorb.dat' so that _all_ asteroids are replaced with one consistent
dataset of orbital elements.

-- Bill

On 01/26/2015 07:32 PM, roger.curry@... [guide-user] wrote:
> I updated my asteroid list with the critical list today but can not find the asteroid using 2004 BL86. I also went to the area it is supposed to be in and it did not show up under that designation, How do I find it in Guide?