Update to 'ldn.zip'/question to LDN users

Bill Gray Jan 22, 2015

Hello all,

I've just updated the Lynd's Dark Nebulae file at


(about 43 KBytes) to include an Italian translation, provided by Giuliano

When I posted the original version of this file, I wasn't entirely confident
that I had chosen the "correct" numbering scheme. (There are three different
catalog numbers for any given LDN object, and the documentation gives only a
very general idea as to which system(s) actually are used.)

At this point, I _think_ the numbering scheme I picked is the "correct" one,
and the others are of historical interest only. But if you find that the
numbers fail to make sense for you, or that the alternative numbering schemes
really do appear somewhere in the literature, please let me know; I can
provide a suitably modified version, or at least make notes to that effect in
"more info" to explain where/how each system is used.

-- Bill