Magellanic Clouds Files (Mk2)

morel_mati Jan 16, 2015

Hi all,
    Ten years ago Bertrand Laville and I put together a set of catalogs (and TDFs) for the Magellanic Clouds.
We covered emission nebulae and star clusters. The ZIP file is on the Project Pluto website, dated 14 Jan. 2005, with the filename <mcs_v2.ZIP>.
With the passage of time, I have updated all files, rendering mcs_v2.ZIP  OBSOLETE.
I have created a 2nd generation of files for the MCs, as a ZIP file with the name   MC_FILES_15.ZIP.  The original data has been retained, with changes :
*  every dataset is reformatted, and "rough edges" knocked off.
*  new TDFs written for each dataset, to replace the old ones.
The new ZIP file contains the following files:
<SMC_HN15.TXT / SMC_HN15.tdf      H    1956ApJS....2..315H    K. Henize emission neb.
<SMC_HW15.TXT / SMC_HW15.tdf     HW 1974AJ.....79..858H   Hodge & Wright clusters
<SMC _K15.TXT / SMC_K15.tdf       K     1956PASP...68..125K   G. Kron's list of clusters
<SMC_L15.TXT / SMC_L15.tdf        L     1958MNRAS.118..72L  E. Lindsay cat. of clusters
<SMC_WG15.TXT /SMC_WG15.tdf   [WG71] 1971A&A....10....1W  Westerlund & Glaspey cl.
<LMC_HN15.TXT / LMC_HN15.tdf      H    1956ApJS....2..315H   K. Henize emission neb.
<LMC_SL15.TXT / LMC_SL15.tdf   [SL63] 1963IrAJ....6...74S   Shapley  & Lindsay clusters

<LMC_LH_ASS.TXT / LMC_LH_ASS.tdf  Catalog of 5063 OB stars (in 95 LMC OB associations. Mag 10-16V)
<LMC OB ASS_README.TXT        Provides the GUIDE user with an overview of the previous file
with sources of data, the structure of the data table etc.

The Mark 2 datasets and TDFs have been extensively tested, and debugged. Every S&L cluster (898 objects) has been checked on DSS verify their reality.
As the sole originator of these files, any errors or omissions are my responsibility.
MC_FILES_15.ZIP  contains 17 files.  Size (zipped) 153kb   Unzipped 888kb

I will attach the file (MC_FILES_15.ZIP) to this posting, but is likely to be stripped.
In this event, the ZIP file can be obtained from me, privately.

Mati Morel


Ps I have just uploaded MC_Files_15.ZIP to the member files area.