Re: [guide-user] Install Guide Without CD Reader

Ray Shapp Dec 25, 2014

Hi Owen,

Thank you. I'll try it when the laptop arrives.


Ray Shapp

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Probably the easiest thing is just to copy the Guide 8 installation directory across from the old laptop to the new one via a USB pen drive. That is what I have done.




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Hi Folks,

I have ordered a new Ultra-Book laptop which has no CD/DVD tray. When it arrives, I would like to install my copy of Guide8 on it. The laptop does have plenty of internal storage in a 1TB hard disk. The new laptop does have USB-3 ports.

I can use my existing desktop PC to transfer both Guide8 CDs to a thumb drive or I could connect the new laptop to a LAN and copy the files over the local net. Any better alternatives?

Thank you for your advice.

Ray Shapp