explanation of aparent motion for comets in STRINGS.DAT

Bernd Klemt Dec 23, 2014


some years ago there was an info from Bill (mail or web site) where he explained
the details of changing the dimensions of the apparent motion of comets and minor
planets you get when clicking on "More Info". This can be changed in the file
"STRINGS.DAT". In the copy of mine it is in line 1519:

1,1:RMotion is %.2lf ^degree^s/day in RA, %.2lf ^degree^s/day in dec\n

When changing the numbers 1,1:R you could display the result in other units e.g.
arc min per hour or arc sec per hour.

Does anybody know the exact figures or where to find them?

Clear skies and Merry Christmas

Bernd Klemt

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