Re: Toolbar

chasseurdesgalaxies Nov 30, 2014

Which icons do you REALLY need in the toolbar ?

Make a copy of the toolbar.dat file in your Guide root folder and save it anwhere else than in the Guide folder.
Open the toobar.dat file with Notepad and choose the icons you want to see.
Remove all other lines from toolbar.dat . Close Notepad (save).

Remove all bmp files that do not match your shortlist from you "cluttered" Guide folder.

You can replace the bmp files by bmp files of your choice.
Name the bmp files the same as the as the name in the list.
= the name after the number, ignoring the letter before the "!" and the "!" itself.

Or replace the name in the toolbar.dat file, which references the link to the icons by another one.


Replace the terms "print.bmp" (ONLY) in the following line:

# 57607 g!print.bmp        Print



to get

# 57607 g!impresion.bmp        Print

whereby impresion.bmp is the name of your new bmp icon.

If you want to set a new icon into your toolbar, copy it over from the saved file !