Re: [guide-user] New maps of Saturn's moons

richardmallett2001 Nov 26, 2014

On 12/11/2014 02:24, Bill Gray pluto@... [guide-user] wrote:
Hi Richard,

   Thanks for pointing these out...

   Ideally,  I'd have made it simple to add planetary maps to Guide.
The problem is that the tool I have to make them is a real nuisance
to use.  It's a command-line program that requires a GIF of the
planet in equidistant cylindrical projection (a projection that's
commonly used for full-planet maps),  with a long list of options
to handle the fact that some maps are south-up;  some centered on
longitude 180,  others longitude 0,  some on oddball longitudes
such as 120,  and things of that ilk.

   I've done two of them :     (about 887 KBytes)    (about 689 KBytes)

   UnZIP these in your Guide folder,  and Guide will display the
planets using those images.  Should be able to do the other four
(Enceladus,  Tethys,  Dione,  Rhea) in a bit... let me know if
you run into any issues with these two;  I've just given them a
quick try and verified that features line up roughly where they're
supposed to.  (I think the feature gazetteer may need to be
updated,  too.)

-- Bill

Thank you for that.  Iapetus (S8) shows a small disk with light and dark features down to a 2-second field of view (by pressing * to zoom in) and Mimas (S1) shows a very small disk at 2 seconds field of view, which I guess is Level 19.  In both cases, pressing * again shows a blurry image that fills the screen, and the field of view changes to 0.001 second.

Richard Mallett
Eaton Bray, Dunstable
South Beds. UK