Re: [guide-user] Missing file when edifying new overlay

Bill Gray Nov 22, 2014

Hi Christian,

That error message is a little misleading. Guide has a general-purpose
function for accessing 'name' files such as messier.nam, timezone.nam,
globular.nam, etc. Guide uses these either to list objects in dialog
boxes, or looks through them when you enter object names, or both.
The general-purpose function will look for (in this case) 'z.nam' in
the Guide folder; failing that, in 'text/z.nam' on your hard drive;
failing that, in 'text/z.nam' on the DVD (if you have one in the drive).

Here, Guide first builds a temporary 'z.nam' file listing the available
overlays, in Guide's own folder. There is no 'z.nam', as you found, on
the DVD or elsewhere; it's built each time it is needed. Then Guide
finds it right away, and never looks for the versions at 'text/z.nam' or
in the DVD drive. Except for some reason, it wasn't built this time.

The problem is that I can't see why 'z.nam' would have been created.
Exactly where were you when the crash occurred? (Clicking on Overlays...
Edit Overlay? Did the dialog listing available overlays appear? Did
it crash when you selected 'new overlay'? etc.)

-- Bill