Re: Limiting Magnitude rate of change when zooming

barringtonri Nov 17, 2014

Hi Bill, or someone,

I assume that now that you're addressing the planet maps issue that at some point Alt-J will give us a chance to input MAGS_PER_LEVEL=2.28  ?  At present,  Alt-J brings up a box to enter NUMBER OF TEST FLAG

I  may be completely turned around on this, as I'm recovering from a hard drive failure and trying to reload my Guide 9.  and working from a 05 April 2013 group conversation.  Even with the beta version at instead of the 2014 April 17 version HELP shows 25 May 2012 version.

Obviously I've got a system problem going on at the same time.  I'd tried to add the MAGS line into the 'guide.dat' but even though I'm set up as administrator on the Win 7 Pro system the system said "You don't have permission to save in this location.  Contact the administrator to obtain permission."  In fact, even attempting  a download NEAm00.txt file from the MPC resulted in "the latest the webpage could not be saved to the selected location."

I'm starting to very much feel like the old dog facing new tricks....

Pete Peterson