RE: [guide-user] Lynd Dark Nebula used in GUIDE 9.0

Pierre Laporte Oct 7 5:55 AM

Hi Bill


Few time ago, I ask information about the Lynd Dark Nebula catalog.  Could you give more information about the LDN used by Guide 9.0



There is something strange in the catalog of Lynd Dark Nebulae and GUIDE.


Recently I took images of LDN 2, according to my Lynd Nebulae Catalog ( the original one published by Lynd).  After made a registration of my picture to get the coordinated of the nebulae, I got 18h 07m 14,9s -31° 29' 31,6''.  Putting those value in GUIDE, an I arrive dot LDB 4.


More confusing, Guide report the objet as LDN 4 (873).  I try to get access to More information with the LND catalog use by GUIDE, but I seems that we don't have access to it.


So Questions


Why there is a discrepancy between my catalog and the one use by GUIDE ?


What is the meaning of (873) reported by GUIDE for LDN 4 ?


Why are we unable to get acces to the catalog of LDN within GUIDE ?


What is the source of LDN catalogue used by GUIDE ?



Pierre Laporte


Centre d'Observation Astronomique Des Monts Notre-Dame