New galactic novae file

Bill Gray Oct 6 9:16 AM

Hello all,

I've put together a major revision to the list of galactic novae
used in Guide. You can get it at

(about 28 KBytes).

UnZIP this in your Guide folder, and you'll see, in Extras...
Toggle User-Added Datasets, a "Galactic Novae" entry.

For some time, Guide has had a galactic nova list based on
Duerbeck's 1987 list, with updates from a variety of sources.
The new version was cross-referenced to the IAU/CBET nova list.
That got us precise discovery dates/times for most objects up to
2010 (CBET hasn't been very active in recent years), and
comparison allowed some mistakes to be detected. I gathered
data for post-2010 galactic novae from a variety of sources.
The new version also includes all currently-known galactic novae,
and has an updated Italian file for use in Guide (courtesy
Giuliano Pinto). I also added some new references to IAUCs
and _The Astronomer's Telegram_s.

-- Bill