Re: [guide-user] Re: Variable star goto problem

Bill Gray Oct 6 2:23 PM

Hi Bob,

Something finally occurred to me, which _might_ actually describe
the problem.

In your Guide folder, there will probably be a 'gcvs_cat.idx' file
of about 9600 bytes. Try removing this, and then run Guide.

The idea here is that when Guide needs GCVS data, it looks for
'gcvs_cat.dat', which you may have downloaded from VizieR. (If you
haven't done so, it goes through a copy from the DVD, and there's
no problem... except that the DVD was made a couple of years ago and
won't be up to date.)

Guide will also look for an index file, 'gcvs_cat.idx'. If it
doesn't find one, it generates it.

In theory, if you later update your 'gcvs_cat.dat', Guide ought
to detect the mismatch between the new data and the old index; it
would delete the old index and build a new one. But if that _didn't_
happen, I think you might see the sort of issue you describe.

-- Bill

On 09/28/2014 11:05 AM, robertjmodic@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Bill,
> I was wondering if you have had any luck figuring out the variable star goto problem I mentioned a few weeks ago?
> The stars that don't work with goto (so far) are:
> ee cep
> bf cyg
> v4366 sgr
> v4367 sgr
> v4368 sgr
> v4369 sgr
> v4370 sgr
> x ser
> rw umi
> dk lac
> Some stars that do work are:
> ss cyg
> v1974 cyg
> v2274 cyg
> v2275 cyg
> v2467 cyg
> v2468 cyg
> v2491 cyg
> Thanks,
> Bob