Re: [guide-user] LX200 Control

Christian Ambros Oct 3 4:39 PM

Hi Roger,

what did you change between those days and know? For example, did you do any guide updates, or, if you do use ascom did you do any updates there?

Without changing any software, nothing should change the working behaviour, until it's a hardware issue.

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On Sunday, September 28, 2014 4:58 PM, "roger.pickard@... [guide-user]" <> wrote:

I've used Guide to control my LX200GPS for a number of years now without much problem.  However, of late, when I hit the "Guide" button on the Scope pad it hardly moves the 'scope at all whereas it used to nudge it a few arc minute until I stopped it.

Might anyone know whether this is a Guide problem or an LX200 one?