Lynd Dark Nebulae in GUIDE 9.0

Pierre Laporte Sep 16, 2014

There is something strange in the catalog of Lynd Dark Nebulae and GUIDE.


Recently I took images of LDN 2, according to my Lynd Nebulae Catalog ( the original one published by Lynd).  After made a registration of my picture to get the coordinated of the nebulae, I got 18h 07m 14,9s -31° 29' 31,6''.  Putting those value in GUIDE, an I arrive dot LDB 4.


More confusing, Guide report the objet as LDN 4 (873).  I try to get access to More information with the LND catalog use by GUIDE, but I seems that we don't have access to it.


So Questions


Why there is a discrepancy between my catalog and the one use by GUIDE ?


What is the meaning of (873) reported by GUIDE for LDN 4 ?


Why are we unable to get acces to the catalog of LDN within GUIDE ?


What is the source of LDN catalogue used by GUIDE ?



Pierre Laporte


Centre d'Observation Astronomique Des Monts Notre-Dame