RE: [guide-user] Guide with Wine

Juan Carlos Sep 6, 2014

Hi Phil,

I've been using Guide 8 with Crossover (and Wine) for years without any DRM/security issues.

I don't really know what I had to do to make it work but I think I remember to have to do something to make Guide "forget" about the CD.
Check if you startup.mar file (in the main Guide directory) has a line like this:

18 drive    c:\Program Files\guide8\

If you have it pointing to the cd drive, just change it as per above.


P.S.: I run Guide8, but I guess Guide9 is not much different

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 17:45:37 -0700
Subject: Re: [guide-user] Guide with Wine

After the initial start up of Guide I did install a lot of extras to the hard drive, and they all appear as expected.  It seems that everything I wanted got installed to the HDD except the executable file.