Guide with Wine

navillus95472 Sep 5, 2014

After years of whining about not being able to use Guide with my Mac I finally took Bill's advice and set up Wine.  (Well, actually I downloaded "Crossover" which set up Wine for me.) 

Guide under wine on my Macbook is much faster than on any of my XP boxes in the observatory,  and it all seems to work fine except for one thing:  The program won't launch unless the Guide(8) install disk is in the drive.  After it starts up I can remove the CD and it still runs fine.  This is a bit annoying since my Macbook doesn't have an internal optical drive, and I have to attach an external drive to start Guide.

I emailed support at Crossover.  He thought the problem could be caused by a copy protection mechanism and suggested I ask the author of the program.    This didn't seem likely to me just because Bill has never seemed particularly fussy about this sort of thing.  He also implied there is a workaround but "because of the DMCA I can't give any advice on how to bypass that".  I suspect I did something wrong when configuring the program.

So my question is for techie folks who use Guide on a Mac with Wine.  What do I need to do I launch Guide under OS 10.9.4 using Wine without the need to have the install disk in the drive?