Re: Variable star goto problem

rjmodic Aug 28, 2014


I have a new version of gcvs_cat.dat in my Guide folder.

The stars that don't work with goto (so far) are:
ee cep
bf cyg
v4366 sgr
v4367 sgr
v4368 sgr
v4369 sgr
v4370 sgr
x ser
rw umi

If I use goto TDF, they work.  If I then zoom in on each star, I see two labels.  One label is for the gcvs_cat.dat information and shows the full name of the variable (ie. "V4368 Sgr").  Clicking on the gcvs_cat.dat label shows more info for this star.  The other label is for the built-in GCVS data (not sure what file this info is from) and the label shows the variable star designation but no constellation name (ie. "V4368").  Clicking on this label only shows "V4368 Sgr" and no additional information.

This problem began when I fully installed Guide 9.  Previously, I had used the Guide 9 update for Guide 8 and everything worked fine.  Could there be an issue with Guide 9's built in GCVS information?