Re: [guide-user] Re: Variable star goto problem

Bill Gray Aug 27, 2014

Hi Bob,

I thought perhaps our friends at VizieR had played around with the
format a bit, but just got the most recent version at

(7 913 695 bytes decompressed), and it works Just Fine. You should
have a 'gcvs_cat.dat' file of this or similar size in your Guide folder.

If you _do_ have that file, then it would help to know which variable
star(s) are failing, and which work.

-- Bill

On 08/26/2014 07:52 PM, robertjmodic@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Still having the same problem with goto a variable star. Several more
> variables get an error message "that variable does not exist". Any
> idea what the problem is?
> Thanks,
> Bob