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Andrew Hood Aug 18, 2014

I can open in GIMP and it displays correctly.
I presume Guide9 is generating it from my RealSky CD images.

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Hello Patrick

The brightness of the image file,, is to high. To see that you can temporarily lower the brightness of the DSS images by first, right click on the corner of the image to bring up the info dialog then close the dialog box, then second, press ALT-down arrow  many times until the brightness decreases so you can see the image. The problem with this is that it lowers the brightness of all DSS images and you will no longer be able to see them. So, press the ALT-up arrow many times to increase the brightness back to the normal level. I can't remember if there is a way to change the brightness of a single DSS image.

As a work around download, use the EXTRA, DSS image download function to download a new image of the NGC object. This image will overlay on top of GUIDE's image and will be the proper brightness.

Hope this helps


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Hello Everyone,

When I go to NGC 6755, I find that there is a large white square, slightly less than half a degree square centred on the object. It appears at the same level (8, I think) that the DSS images appear. When I click on the edge of the square to identify it, I get:

469 x 469


Line 2

Contrast 1500 - 10000

Unlike the DSS images, I am not given the option to delete it. 

I searched the Guide9 folder on my C drive and found the offending item, along with a few others with the same style of name. Deleting the file from the Guide folder does nothing, as the file is apparently respawned every time the program is launched.

What is it and how can I get rid of it?



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